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Payday Loan Bonds

When a payday loan company wants to set up business in a US state, they may find that they require a payday loan bond before they can do so. This acts as an assurance that the company will adhere to all the rules laid out by that state.

The current market

Rates can vary greatly between companies offering payday loan bonds. Some companies offering payday loans have tactics that are frowned upon by others, leading to a huge gap between the cheapest and the most expensive rates offered. However qualifying candidates should be able to find competitive rates from some surety providers. It is exceptionally important to find an experienced agent however.

Does your agency have a special program available for payday loan bonds?

If you cannot be accepted by a standard surety provider, we can help with bad credit alternatives. Similarly if you are deemed to be of high risk to the surety companies we can find a solution that will enable you to get your payday loan bond.

Payday Loan Bonds Application

  Fantastic experience. I will use you again next year! Thanks for the quick turn-around, couldn't be happier.

~James H, MI